T.K.P.  Art

T.K.P. Art


Kat is a native straight out of Compton. She has written/produced/directed three Hit Stage Plays: Freedom Train, To Death Do Us Part and True Love Waits .

At the age of 13, she and her sister La Shawn would pretend they were actresses. She would write a play and they would act it out. It all started as something fun to do then later it turned into a hobby, and then later it became her passion. She went to school for Fashion Design for a short time but God had a different design for her. She became a wife and a mother of four beautiful daughters. She loves writing, drawing, painting, clay sculpting and she also fell in love with graphics and digital editing. She also has written five screenplays and will be working on her first movie. Kat stated, “You never know what gifts God has blessed you with if you never try. He has truly blessed my hands and allowed me to learn whatever my little heart desires; however, the one thing I can’t do or never learned how to do is ‘sing’.

I want to share my story with you, it’s something that most people don’t know about me, even those who are close to me.  It is for the simple fact that I am good at hiding it very well. About thirteen years ago I had a life changing incident that changed my life forever. I got injured at work resulting in me not being able to bend my right elbow up to a thirty-five-degree angle, past my waist. I was right handed, angry and devastated, I started thinking of all the things I would no longer be able to do like grooming myself, activities, my hobbies etc.  
I was off work for three years and during that time God made me realize that, my child you have another arm don’t complain because there are people out there without any arms. So, I trained my left arm to do everything that my right arm was used to doing and went back to work with the use of one arm.
I had been back at work for three years before my left arm said, I quit! you are working me too hard. However, not paying attention to my body, I began to damage my hands to the point they did not want to move without severe pain. I was once unable to work but this time it was permanent; my profession was over just like that!
I became deeply depressed; I didn’t even feel like a whole woman anymore. When I normally would get depressed, I would dive headfirst into to my art, or writing. But how would I do that now… I can’t do the things that I once loved and enjoyed doing. Well that’s what I thought… I just had to adapt to all the chronic pain and find another way that I would be able to do it.
Painting and drawing for me is twice as hard now. I can’t stand working from an Easel, or work on a table. I have to place my canvas, board or paper on my lap or work from the floor. Each stroke I paint is painfully done with blood sweat and tears. My paintings, drawings and sculptures I kept to myself, it was just therapy for me and to prove to myself that I still can.
It wasn’t until someone told me to share it with the world, tell my story, inspire someone to never give up and always find another way around your obstacles. I truly made a change within. So, I no longer look at myself as being handicap or disabled… I look at myself as being very Handy-Capable.