Mike Lane

Mike Lane


I am an artist who uses a variety of media, such as printmaking, painting, photography, as well as drawing. I attended University of East London, Docklands Campus (overlooks Docklands City Airport) where I was able to utilize these different processes. It was at the University of East London that I got awarded a BA in Fine Art.

On terms of subject matter for my art, I'm very passionate about environmental issues, such as climate change. My art aims to raise awareness of these issues through my printmaking, painting e.t.c.

I'm also a musician, with a particular interest in the New Orleans music scene where I spent some time there, which helped to develop my interest in climate change. The floods in New Orleans, made me want to create art which endevours to give people an insight into how important our climate is, and how devastating it can be.

I particularly like to use print making techniques, such as Etching. I have experimented with with techniques such as Aquatint and Sugar lift . I like to use these methods for expressing my other passion for Western Cinema and all things "Wild West". I like to depict images which evoke a sense of abandonment, as well as creating a feeling of indiscipline. Etching enables me to explore such narratives in my art.

I very much hope to continue creating art, which raises the issue of climate change and environmental issues. Artists such as the HARRISON'S, got me started in this field, and I hope to take it different more personal levels. My main purpose is to make people more aware of their environment, and I will practice this through my art.

Digital Photography

Western Theme Paintings

Man on Earth and the Elements.

Western Trail Etchings and Paintings