Monica Hulsing

Monica Hulsing

My name is Monica Hulsing, an artist and writer based in The Hague in The Netherlands. From an early age I knew that I wanted to become an artist and drawing has always been my first passion.

But two-handed as I was, life did not come to me easily. At school I was not allowed to write with both my left and my right hand. I was also not allowed to draw with both my left and right hand. And I certainly was not allowed to think and dream in all the different directions that I was capable of.
Moreover, I had to deal with many misunderstandings because I could always come up with solutions to problems from a different perspective than the large majority.

But when I started as an artist, nobody could stop me. My writing became two-handed, but due to my educational time at school I could only draw right-handed.

My drawings always tell a story, an imagination that can follow into all directions. I create them on topics that I dream, think and fantasize about. Things that make me happy and laugh.
The ultimate goal that encourages me to draw and write is to inspire and motivate someone else. I want to make people happy and create a smile on their face. If I can make someone laugh and dream away, if only for a moment and fantasize about the most impossible things....

That is what drives me to create.

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