Hello! My name is Irina Mamaeva, I am a painter and lingvosketcher from Moscow, Russia. I started my way as a painter about 20 years ago. My first love in painting was oil painting. But when my first son war born I had to change my favorite medium and I chose watercolor. Which I also adore. Now most of my works are created in watercolor, but I also do acrylic figurative and abstract paintings and a lot of illustrations for books.

Painting and drawing for me - is a way to see the beauty of the world and to share it with everyone who wants to have more happiness in life! It's my way to live:)

Usually I don't paint works on commission, but if I feel that your idea resonates with me I will be very happy to make your dreams come true. If you want to see more of my works, please visit my instagram account - @moncarnetamoi_art

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Have a wonderful day!