Thaïs Laya Art

Thaïs Laya Art

~The artistic universe of Thais is a fusion of vegetal, jewellery, and energy, to bring color, oxygen, elegance and light to this dark world.
His works aspire to instill a breath of wonder, a source of regeneration and appeasement in a world that sometimes tends to deprive you of it.

"What are the dreams of the plant world?
What language is hidden in the mysteries and beauty of the living?
How to describe the fabric of reality, beyond what your eyes can see?

The painting of Thais offers you all these visions, and many more, in a
harmony of dreamlike, poetic and powerful forms and colors.
What the eyes can see, the soul perceives it even richer."

"Art is the reflection of the dazzled human soul by the splendour of beauty."
Victor Hugo

Relief paintings

Organic abstract Art