The Blank

The Blank

In order to tell you who I am, I have to tell you, how I started.

I have always amused my self with the idea of doing art for the rest of my life; a vague dream that could never happen. I was told by everyone around me that being an artist is the ticket to failure. I was advised to do anything BUT pursue art.

“Be an electrician! A plumber! A politician! A fucking lawyer.”

I will be honest with you and with myself, I gave up. I gave up because I was so scared of being wrong and everyone else being right. Scared of trying to only die as a nobody. Scared of a grave stone that read: “Here lies an unknown man, a dreamer who settled for ‘ the right thing to do’ “. I did anything and everything to suppress my ambitious inner Picasso. I distracted myself and picked up any art form that I could put my hands on; music, acting, singing, dancing, etc. out of pure fear of failing at the one thing I knew defined me. I had to take a step back and slap myself in the face. I actually literally slapped myself in the fucking face. I will no longer be restricted and restrained by fear. My very existence will always be defined as what I know to be true.

My name is Gabriel Armijo.
I am 19 years old.
I am an Artist.


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