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Gamage was raised in a rural village called Kalahe Wanchawala in the Galle district of Sri Lanka. Having a love for art Gamage discovered the use of charcoal at an early age and would spend endless hours drawing on walls. Gamage’s parents supported her desire to draw and soon she grew more confident and started to win several awards at school and from competitions at district level. Once Gamage had left school she became a teacher passing on her skills to her pupils and sharing the joy of art. With the courage and support of her husband Gamage continues to produce beautiful, bright and colourful pieces with inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature and the environment where she lives. Gamage’s passion for art and production of work has all been self-taught. With her natural talent she uses mainly watercolours and oil on canvas. She went international at a group art show and solo art show in South Korea and solo art show in Japan and continues to share her work throughout the world. Her mission is to show the beauty of her country, culture and universal power of love through her paintings. Gamage is International Expert Artist member in International Culture and Art Federation, South Korea. Member of Art Nation in Germany. Member of Art Sanpo in Japan.

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