Tim Gilpin


London-based artist Tim Gilpin draws inspiration from the barren uplands, lowlands and coastal regions of his native Northern Ireland. Tim says: "I'm not sure what it is that draws me to a certain place and makes me want to capture it or interpret it in my own way. Sometimes it’s the lines running through the land, forged by nature or pressed into existence by the human foot, which when painted dissect a scene and guide the eye across the canvas. Sometimes it's the colour and texture of heathland, bogland, or the endless shifting skies above water." Tim has exhibited in galleries in both London and Northern Ireland since 2000, as well as extensively online. In 2013, Tim was chosen by the Arts Committee of the Council of Europe to exhibit his paintings and prints throughout November at their headquarters in Strasbourg. Artists who inspire him include Caspar David Friedrich, Samuel Palmer, Gerhard Richter and Richard Diebenkorn.