Tezza's fine art photography

Tezza's fine art photography


I'm an International Award winning photography artist based in Melbourne , Australia . My artistic style has won me many prestigious awards worldwide including The Global Photo Awards Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2010 . With an accrued total of 123 awards globally, I look forward to every day in creating art . My art has been Exhibited in bricks & mortar galleries also has been published in many photography books & Art magazines . As a nature lover there's nothing better than to create Art from the things I love . My main Art is derived by nature itself although I do shoot most things that interest me other than nature . As a Pro photographer I spend most of my free time creating Art & exploring . Having taken up photography at age 13 I still love today as much as I did way back then . My goal is not only creating Art just for the love of it but bringing awareness of the environment & everything around it . It's very important that we care for the environment for future generations & the planets eco system . In this busy world you must find time to smell the roses otherwise you'll miss the good bits in life . To buy Archival Art that's not on this website you can contact me direct by email : tezza50@iprimus.com.au. Also available are Unique Limited Edition prints which are not available to the public. Limited Edition artwork are a great investment for the future due to each print sold there is a significant price rise and the art work has been created by a well known artist. Peace and good health to all. Email : tezza50@iprimus.com.au Int' : +61 435 167 463 Aust' : 0435 167 463



Landscape 3:2 ratio