My name is Teresa Albert. I am a natural born self-taught Artist, from a family of artists. Started painting at a very young age and won my first prize at the age of five. Ever since, never looked back, been painting with Mixed Media, creating collages, scrapbook pages, decorations and greeting cards. Currently painting Acrylics on canvas.

My art is diverse, been sketching and painting with acrylics, oil, water colours, pastels, crayons, charcoal, colour pencils and inkpens.
I am a soulful Artist, painting colorful blends of textural, intuitive and expressive abstracts, to capture and create magical moments of peace and harmony, painting freely from my heart, pouring out images of a beautiful world, connecting people and nature, craving for freedom and independence.

Always surround myself with beautiful things as I enjoy art and fine living.

My works will walk you through different strokes of love, beauty, nature and peace, to unwind and escape into tranquility.
I am a member of various online International Art Galleries, wherein I get to showcase my talent and get credited with approved certificates of appreciation, participation and auction. Also a registered member of Saatchiart.com.

Please check out my artworks @terryalbert9408 on my Facebook page :Terry Chic

Currently holding a collection of Acrylic paintings on Canvas of various styles, with a passion for abstracts.

Email: terryal-amaze@hotmail.com