Eduardo Terranova

Eduardo Terranova

Alchemists have always sought to possess the power of the philosopher’s stone, believed to contain a magical substance that would transform base metals into their noble counterparts, primarily gold. As an artist working in precious metals, I have long been fascinated by these processes and beliefs. I am interested in exploring non-traditional formats of alchemy because of their artistic possibilities and place in contemporary art.

My first inspirations with precious metals derive from my personal heritage that is intimately involved with both pre-Columbian gold and shamanism. Those traditions inspired in me an impetus to create, in the belief that the glitter of gold transmits a magical and fertilizing energy to humanity.

My research in both traditions brought me to a fascination with the dynamism of monochrome metallic surfaces. The findings allow me to codify and translate my work into a new metaphysics of the painted surface and toward a new form of abstraction. This abstraction is embodied in the optically perceived phenomena of the pictorial surface. Ambient light, colors, shapes and movements continuously morph into an ever-changing, ever-captivating imagery. Indeed these works can spark, inspire and give both energy and calmness to the viewer.

Terranova's works are in corporate and private collections and his exhibits extend to domestic and international galleries and museums. Terranova is originally from Colombia. He lives and works in New York City. He holds a M.Arch degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a B.Arch degree from The New York Institute of Technology.