Teresa white Delightful Art

Teresa white Delightful Art


Hi, I'm Teresa White. l was born and raised in the UK and have always had a love for art ever since I was a child.  

My paintings are created with a variety of mediums. I love to paint portraits, landscapes, seascapes, nature and pets. Sometimes I work completely from my imagination, letting my paint flow as my mind does the work. Expressing my feelings through painting, and now photography as well, fulfills my creative side and brings me joy. 

I also display and sell my art:

At present I volunteer at Changes.org, a service agency for mental health clients. I assist with and coordinate peer support groups, and also the art therapy classes, which help the clients to relax. It's very rewarding to help people with their creative growth and see people change their lives for the better. 

My other interests include cycling with my partner, walking in nature, and traveling and sightseeing here in the UK and abroad. I always bring my painting kit along with me on my travels. And at the age of thirty I returned to school, taking evening classes at my local college. 

 It's a pleasure to show you my creative work and I thank you for stopping by.
My regards Teresa

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