Truffle Art

Truffle Art

My Background
From the time I was able to hold a pencil or crayon, I was cutting, pasting, drawing and painting. Now as I look forward to retirement in 2021, I am enthralled to be able to create to my heart's content.

My Medium
Today I paint and express myself using many different media: oil, acrylic, encaustic, watercolor, gold leaf, pastel and colored pencil. My paintings are often a combination of of medium to bring about the depth and translucence required in the subject.

My Inspiration
My goal is to create a piece of art that charms, captivates, attracts... and challenges that first impression.

I love nature - organic textures, forms, movement and beauty. They are the fundamentals of my expression. That "single moment of time" is what I want to capture and share with you, my audience.

I'm an avid traveler and many of my paintings come from those experiences.



Acrylic Paintings

Encaustic Paintings

Animal Mothers with Babies