Tomasz Kucharski - engineer by profession and self-taught painter from passion. I live and work in a small town near Warsaw, Poland.

The main subject of my work is a portrait - the image of women and men transformed by my imagination. Sometimes it is presented in a very abstract way, sometimes more realistic, but always with a hint of reflection and irony. I think that the capacity of the word "portrait" in my painting is very broad.
The main series of portraits, which I have been carrying out for almost 8 years, are "Officers". These are the performances of soldiers of various armies, not necessarily existing in reality, but rather are creations of my imagination. The paintings reflect my interests in the army, uniforms and military. The whole cycle currently has more than 100 items, and new "Officers" are still coming.
Other areas of my painting interests are still life and abstract art.
I use both oil and acrylic techniques. I like to put processed ready-made elements on the pictures, collage and photography. I am still trying to introduce new techniques and methods of painting to my work.
All this gives me the joy of painting - because that's how I understand my passion.

In the years 2014 – 2018, I have had three individual exhibitions in Warsaw, Poland. In 2019 – Le Meridien Beach Plazza Hotel in Monaco and in Art Gallery Espinasse31 in Milano, Italy.
I am looking for the possibility of a long-term cooperation with an art gallery or an agent specializing in selling paintings.

Clock Face

Fish and birds

White Army

Black Army

Still Life

Newest Paintings


Portraits of women