Tejal Bhagat

Tejal Bhagat


Born artist in India, I am a artist since my childhood, and won prizes and certificates. I am now a full time artist and available 24/7 just for painting.
I paint because I paint, I am a Artist and I love painting.I love working with acrylic paints on canvas. Painting is my life.

My Portrait paintings are representational artworks painted by me.
I paint vintage old or new cars, landscapes, portraits with acrylic colors on canvas.

I also paint waterfall paintings with acrylic on canvas only in Black and White shades.
I paint cars on canvas with a realistic feel and the background is my own designed I do not use graphics softwares for creating new backgrounds.

Some of the paintings listed in my profile are of my Daughter Niya.B which I have mentioned in the paintings description.

Feel free to contact me for custom requirements and questions.

Your reviews and comments are valuable for me.