I have painted for the majority of my life. It has always been my outlet. Sometimes when I’m painting it is a distraction, sometimes it’s more like doing a puzzle, just for fun, and other times it’s a way to speak without words.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and have always lived close to water. This has massively inspired my artwork. I love painting things from my surroundings, such as the beautiful puget sound, and trying to incorporate water into all of my paintings. A lot of my abstract backgrounds kind of resemble rain. To me it’s really interesting to see how our brains perceive things and subconsciously put them down on a piece of paper, wall or through music, dance and other crafts.

Art is my life, I tend to ride the wave of whatever hobby inspires me for the week. This sometimes being sculpture, carving, metal work, woodworking, sewing, sculpture, jewelry making, drawing, watercolor, acrylic, and painting.