Teagarden Art Works

Teagarden Art Works


JoAnne Teagarden began as a Musician, Writer, and Photographer; later she ventured into sketching and painting as a form of pain management for her disability of Migraines. JoAnne is a one of a kind Deaf Artist who is currently working in Acrylics, charcoals, and pastels, as well as oils in the near future.
A new artist in the San Angelo, TX. art scene; she is expected to make a big impression in the art community. Her passion stems partly from her deafness and her great appreciation for all beauty around her and her love of nature and architecture.
It is her goal as an advocate for the Deaf that her work as a Deaf Artist, help break down barriers against her and other Deaf persons, and being able to further prove that the Deaf truly can do anything, and with God all things are possible.

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Email at teagardenartworks@gmail.com