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Teresa Bass's journey began in 1960 in a tumultuous home in Detroit. As a teenager, having no life-skills, she ventured out to discover all that the world had to offer. A true free spirit…is fearless with a vivacious personality…and a love for all people, believes "God created so many people for us all to meet." With this philosophy, she spent a year hitchhiking across America and ultimately landed on the streets of New Orleans in 1979.

Her brief career in film took her to Los Angeles in 1984 and then off to London, England for 7 years, where she had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe. There she successfully curated a photographic exhibition, worked in film, and sold the concept of alternative 'customer service' through presentation boxes to the high-end British retail outlets and was privileged to enjoy a lengthy and special relationship with Ava Gardner, also Godmother to her son.

Teresa credits her skills and knowledge to the vast majority of people that God placed in her path. She has always been drawn to photography and, despite having no formal training has captured thousands of moments in time.

Teresa discovered passionate transformations of self and her photographs following the death of her best friend and ex-husband in 2016. "Through the pain of death, I sat and stared at the past in all my photographs," she recalled. It was then that the metamorphosis of Teresa's photographs began.

While still maintaining the integrity of her original photographs, she can spend hours to weeks enhancing each piece using antiquated methods until she sees, feels, and realizes the tantalizing imagery burst into life.
Inspired by her vibrancy for life, Teresa creates one of a kind uplifting, thought-provoking art.

To further provoke a 3-dimensional illusion, she prints using various printing methods on aluminums, canvas, metallic papers under acrylic and directly on acrylic.

The world is in such discord today. If we can change our views and appreciate the beauty in all colors, shapes, sizes, and mediums, perhaps we can find serenity, harmony, and artistry within us all…and, through...enhanced art.


Spectrum Miami 2017 - a curated contemporary art show during Art Basel week
Las Vegas ArtExpo - January 2018
New York ArtExpo - April 2018 - a curated art show
Ground Zero - The Arts Hancock County juried exhibition December 2018
Studio Waveland & Gallery - Juried exhibition January- February 2019
Mockingbird Cafe - February-March 2019


Art & Beyond, Vol. 49, January/February 2018, pages 8 & 33
Art & Beyond, Vol. 50 March/April Special 2018 Awarded Inside Back Cover


Certificate of Excellence, 31st International Artavita Online Art Contest, May 2019


flowers, water, crabs