eco-friendly art

eco-friendly art

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My favorites quote: “Vision is the gift to see what others only can dream!

My name is Ivonne J. Lannin
I was born in Panama City Panama.
Since I was a little child I was always told that I had artistic abilities. As an adult working in the Panama Canal for the USA government I used to create handmade crafts and sell them to the officer’s wives.
When I moved to Texas over 19 years ago my husband we started to work on projects together. When he died from cancer I moved to Pennsylvania to be with my daughter. There I started developing my fairy house concept.
8 years later now living in Florida I have developed my craft and art from eco-friendly items. The conservation of nature is a priority for future generations. Most people only see the items for what they are used for. My visions are what it can be reused in and keep it out of a land fill. Everything that is created is asking for a second chance!
Someone else trash is my art. Items like Soda Bottles, boxes, Bottle caps and a variety of items are part of my art. It’s all reusable in my eyes, Eco- Friendly.

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