Photography is a practice with no mercy. Within an artistic spectrum that is already known for its challenges regarding success and finding recognition,
photography is one of the toughest to break through. Ultimately, it's the artists who weather the storms long enough that reach the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, the work you are going to witness from the collection entitled "Images from my Basement",
is the story of a photographer who sailed through those storms, only getting better and better each time the shutter inside his camera snapped,
Robert Tavernier.

The first thing you'll notice about Robert's work is the character of the model.
There is never any doubt as to what role she plays within the frame. Whether it's dark and seductive or angelic and blissful,
she becomes one with her scene.
After this initial attraction you'll probably become more focused on the delicate lighting and the soft texture of the picture itself,
as if you are staring into a completely different world. This world is obviously surreal, and yet the viewer will still be convinced that it exists.
If only for a second, the photo makes you want to believe.
Robert's combination and balance between his subject and the scene is most likely the secret for these amazing images.

The photos also help to gain a new appreciation for the nude female body and the beauty she holds.
By using distinctive focus points, props and creative backdrops, the model naturally submerges into a photo that literally slows down your breathing.
The collection consists of 19 books published under Robert's name, branded as Tavart Nudes, but also some new photos that haven't been made public yet.
His creativity never fails to inspire some of the most artistic pictures a camera can produce and you'll see it in the first photo.

Robert's title for the collection provides all the atmosphere you need to connect with the images, because the shots were in fact taken in his basement.
This just goes to show that the body will follow wherever the mind goes and Robert had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve.
The simplicity of a basement plays a very big part in this diverse collection, so enjoy his unfolding story.

Tavart nudes Books and digital download can be found at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/682439

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