tatu somfula

tatu somfula


Tatu Somfula was born in Viljoenskroon, Geluk Farm in the Free State,South Africa in 1980. He is a husband to Thandiwe and father to Khuselwa.

He is a self-taught artist and works in oil, pencil and watercolour. He started working at school as a caretaker and he is currently working at Piet Patsa Community Art Centre at Rietpan farm in Viljoenskroon, under Dramatic Need charity based in Britain as an assistant operations manager and visual art teacher. Most of his paintings are commissioned by community members and friends. To mention the few, Marilyn Allem, Danielle Strausse, Aneza Julian, Thabo Sello, Champ Tloome and others.

He has exhibited at Annual MACUFE Cultural Arts Festival and Annual Grahamstown Arts Festival in South Africa. Tatu is helping young artists from his township to improve their art talent by interacting with them and giving them support. "Everyone is an artist", he says.

As an emerging artist, he is mostly motivated by his surroundings like farmers' fields, landscapes, open sky and busy streets full of people.

He can be contacted via email: kssomfula@yahoo.com or cell phone +27736835363