Lori Jo

Lori Jo


Lori Jo 503-548-7058 Born in USA 1953, I started drawing and painting in the 70's I am a self-taught artist. My Mother was an artist, as a child I learned a lot watching her. She was amazing, lost her in my teens.
I prefer acrylics on canvas.(I remember when they were first invented)
I always say Love Is In The Details!
I am a member of the Three Rivers Artist Guild and Gallery.

Petals Of Ivory

Peace Among The Tulips

Summer Arrivals

The Elegant Peacock

Tapestry Of Colors

Garden Of Van Jo


Wild Splendor

Iris In July

Afghan Girl

The Resting Place

Dancing Garden

The Mysterious Beauty

Shades Of Calm

Ballerian Fantasy

The Gypsy Women

Enchanted Forest

Blooming Hibiscus

My Yellow Roses

Rainbow Of Water Lilies

Purple Roses

Happy Days