I was never born as an artist. It just sprang on me one day... when I started to write short books (published author now) and sketching my own illustrations. I also like to dip my fingers in writing poems and a novel and even sketching and producing garments.

The creativity has always been there, I guess. Through my entire life I have been making things including, curtains, childrens clothes, furniture... I suppose the list is quite lone to ramble about. But here I am selling my artwork.

And sometimes life has a way of destroying your life and at the same time, leading you down a path that you would have never come across.
Beside this I have managed to achieve a BSc (Hons) with four dependent children and no help unless I begged for it. And at present, I am studying Masters in Medicinal chemistry.

I never knew that I would be so crazy about science but I am, as you can see, Reader.
This is a little bit of me... My story is too long to share now.... But you never know, you just read about it in the future.

Nice to meet you...
Tate Devros

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