Tata Tatashi

Tata Tatashi


Since I reached a conscious age, the most important thing for me has been to paint. Absolutely always, at any time, this was my main need. I never had to look for my style, themes and characters. I liked to illustrate my favorite fairy tales in my own way and come up with my own fantastic creatures. All this easily, simply and mysteriously appeared on paper. Like magic)
But I didn't take magic seriously. And she took a different path into adulthood. She chose the education of a philologist, studied Russian classical literature. Then I got carried away with design and designed interiors for many years… And I completely forgot about the drawings. But God has his own plans for us. I began to feel so unhappy that I didn't want anything else. I had to stop everything in my life and ask myself honest questions...
There was a revolt inside me. I seemed to wake up! I remembered my childhood and youthful impressions, took out my old drawings .. And I was struck by the thought - how could I betray and leave that Wonderful and Magic world that I so easily owned?
I took up my pencil again. And what is interesting, everything came back very quickly and with renewed vigor: a thirst for creativity, new ideas, funny characters and wonderful spaces. As if this magical world was waiting for its hour all this time. Now there are so many heroes and ideas that I immediately plan a series and draw in blocks. This is how collections are born. I'm looking forward to sharing!
We can say that all my works are like sketches of a person who peeps into the magical world and quickly captures what he saw. Therefore, I would call my style of work as "fairy realism." My greatest desire as an artist is to give my viewer "contemplative pleasure", to give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fairy tale and remember a childish easy state of happiness.
Let's get to know each other: my name is Tata Tatashi
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