Tarot Devil

Tarot Devil


I have been drawing and making art since I was little boy. It started with comic books, and a lot of science fiction and fantasy. As an adult, I wanted to continue to create, but was suffering from a lack of subject matter. I had always enjoyed the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, and knew that he was a tarologist. Reading his books and looking deeper into the matter, I discovered a beautiful world of symbolism that contained all the lessons one could hope for in life. So I painted a series of the major cards, or "Trumps." Today, most of my art is inspired by mystical and occult themes, as well as from the wealth of the world's mythologies. I also like to create fantasy and some science-fiction pieces from time.

I love most to work with black ink, plain and simple. The rest of the time, I use watercolor, colored inks, and sometimes charcoal.

If you would like to see more art, visit my blog page at: www.howlingfalcon.wordpress.com

Contact me with any questions at: tarotdevil@gmail.com

Thank you, and enjoy!