Tape Art Don

Tape Art Don


Hello, I’m Thomas, a french Tape Artist. I am an independent graphic designer since 2008. I conceive, I compose, I realize. I live in Aix-en-Provence, this « City of water, city of art », land of creative influence, country of Paul Cézanne. Curious and trendy, I like to experiment with several artistic mediums, from printed art to ephemeral art. A way to represent the environment in which I live and how I imagine it.

Art in the public space is constitutive of the creations that I propose today. Influenced by street art, I started composing visuals with adhesive tape of different colors on different supports. Color is an essential entry into every creation. It determines each assembly of shapes. This practice is called Tape Art, the art of ribbon.

For my works, I use the smooth and glossy adhesive film used in signage. You can see it every day, stuck on vehicles, signs and shop windows. The principle is simple, I cut in the ribbon linearly or round and then I assemble to reproduce a figurative visual or to compose a unique creation. This allows me to render at the same time realistic objects, characters or very precise decors in a chosen format.

My collage practice presented here allows me to associate all my artistic skills: drawing, choice of colors, composition, ideas, humor and satire. Creating is for me a spontaneous impulse, a decided graphic intuition. Experimenting with a multitude of artistic practices is a singular process of creation, in direct contact with what surrounds me: people, places, territories and also events, ideas, walls, screens …