I am working as a freelance artist, self taught.

As an artist, I work hard to develop my painting skill that speak both to me and to others that exist in the reality of life in our societies. Part of my process before i begin painting is reading stories in Biblical facts and inspirational books just to help me recreate on my canvas. I had been working in a series of painting for almost 22 years and the kinds of mediums acrylic and oil Paints inspired me a turning point of my practice.

As an artist I am essentially interested in creating my own original ideas that call for the participation of the audience to the same extent as my involvement in it.
Despite of many challenges in life, now i realize that i have painted a concept that inspired people while going to through a hard time. My only goal is to as i fight challenges in life everyday though my painting I leave behind how i got through this time-the same way i got through so many other hard times. I accept any critiques and suggestions from my audiences and clients and willing to become an expert one day.
I keep going and never give up selling very low price paintings. as I go in this process, I am starting loving myself and my God.
I thank ArtPal.com for sharing my paintings to other people. by creating this site is an incredible job for the artist people around the world.

Abstract art Acrylic on Canvas