Tank Hollywood JLW

Tank Hollywood JLW


My name is Jamie Lynn. I'll get the name tank Hollywood from my dog Billbirds Hollywood tank tank. I love doing art taking my feelings and put them on Canvas. A lot of my work is abstractIt's really outside the Box. Enjoying all my emotions and Feelings which has lead to these works of art. When I put that brush in my hand and the canvas is in front of me. I have no idea what I'm going to paint. I just start painting And let it flow. It's like I'm writing with my paintbrush. So enjoy reading my art. Half of Each proceed of the art Will be donated to Woof Rescue Paw Hub which is a nonprofit donation center that feeds, pays vet bills, buys Dog collar, harnesses and leashes for family and single persons that's have ran into ruff times and need a helping hand. Art on this page is from Tank Hollywood, Jaylyn, Jamie, and Jamie Lynn. All are the same person but different personalities. I have a personality disorder that is my disability. This is my way in hope to put a positive into my disorder. They all have a different painting style.