Tanasije Bosiljcic was born in 1970 in Sarajevo.

Filling in the empty spaces (be it canvas, paper, wood or any other surface) with paint, pencil, ink or similar has always been his preferred way of communication. Some call it painting. Some call it art.

This obsession with all things visual doesn’t leave him arrogant. He heeds advice and guidance from Pavle Nikitovic – Nik, Professor Svetlana and Sergej Jovanovic.

He goes to London in 1998 and soon afterwards, in 1999, begins his career as interior designer and decorater under the ever-watchful eye of a true professional and artist Dermot J Ryan.

He stays in London for 4 years and during that time he meets and collaborates with Fernanda Macleod, a gallery owner, who exhibits and sells some of his work..

At present he lives (and works a little) in Serbia. Whatever space art leaves him is filled with his sons Pavle & Janko, wife Lily, film, photography and beer....