Tamme Maurer

Tamme Maurer


'Re-invent - Us, Our Lives, Our World.'

This will probably describe the best way I get my inspiration as a Coach and Photographer.
In today's time, we are confronted with many changes, both good and bad.
Like generations before us, we will find a way to cope and handle these changes.
Whether we will embrace these changes positively, or look upon them negatively or just accept them and take them in stride. With this, I mean not the technical innovation, but more the spiritual, moral and ethical ones.

As a freemason, I work diligently on the transformation of myself as a Human being to become a better person. Along with many of my Brothers, I hope that my small part towards a better world will begin with our own lives.

This special understanding of innovation is not alone a very important part in my work as Coach, but also a crucial part in my photographic understanding: to discover new things in our world every day, spiritually, morally and ethically.

I would be very happy if we could have discussions about the 're-inventions'. Maybe my thoughts could be an impulse to you, or your reactions could be impulsive to me.

Heartfelt thanks.


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