Tami Walker Photography

Tami Walker Photography


A few words from Tami...

I am a photographic artist who uses Africa and all her beauty as subject matter to create visually engaging images. My photographs arise from my deep passion for this land we call Zimbabwe. It has shaped every aspect of my life. There is a certain freedom that comes only when we are engrossed in nature, something so much greater than ourselves.

Even in the hands of a master, a camera alone will never capture nature as we can observe it with all our senses. My aim is to capture my experiences as best I can within the limits of a two-dimensional medium. In saying that, my processes involve placing much attention to detail in the field (though much is a result from being at the right place at the right time). I then work in today’s digital darkroom to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrasts and colours, in an attempt to better present the experience I felt being there myself. How we see is a very personal thing, but I always hope to evoke some sort of emotional response in others.

I am lucky enough to have the Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls itself (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World) and the African bush surrounding me. Whilst based here I have tried to create, what I hope is a portfolio of images that represent the beauty of this place and my love for it.

African Wildlife (Colour)

African Landscapes (Colour)