Tami's Unique Boutique

Tami's Unique Boutique


I am a self-taught artist that enjoys many aspects of Art. I got my start painting and drawing and creating when I was very young and injured in a car accident. My bottom extremities did not work well nor did my back but my hands were eager to keep moving. I always enjoyed art and creating things mostly from nature. Being confined to a hospital bed did not give me that option but my mind had other thoughts. I was always told if you don't use it you lose it, to me that is not just a physical thing but a mental thing. Possibilities are endless not just physically but emotionally too. Art helped me overcome many obstacles and it still does to this day. I take great pride and great comfort in doing the best I can with what I have. Something that I think everyone can relate to. Everyone has something inside that is ready to be set free. To me, art does that. Our minds like our bodies are capable of so much it just needs to be released to find the full potential. Whatever your talent is, please share it with the world, it helps make the world a better place.




Beach hammock


Pink flamingo

Lighthouse tray

Big Cat

The Barn

Dragonfly tray

Portrait of a biker

Fishing the marshes