Tamara Mikler

Tamara Mikler


Tamara Mikler was born in 1984 in Osijek a small town in Croatia, Europe. Tamara earned her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Academy of Applied Art, and soon after, her Masters degree. Her first directions was expressed through several art fields such as sculpting, installations, paintings and photography . However, she found a greater enthusiasm for realistic and hipper realistic forms in which she incorporated her love for animal kingdom as for portraits through mostly acrylic paintings . Tamara's work is profound, fresh, alive and abundant with color.

Tamara's art sometimes combines aspects of the surrealism , including the techniques of chiaroscuro, with her own surreal style, which she refers to as Expressionistic Surrealism.
She also has passion for a graphite art technique, and she made a large amount ofrealistic drawings.

With a sharp sense of spiritual and figurative imagination, Tamara Mikler details the essential context of the core of existence of human or animal beings with a gift for enhanced form and characterization. Displaying the uniqueness of individual characters from a viewer perspective, her artistic creations animate the individual differences among the same species. Tamara's paintings play on the interpersonal deceptions that move the viewer and invites him to closer look of the human or animal psyche.

" I believe everything on this Earth is unique, just as the snowflakes in a blizzard.
In my work, I tend to show the inner secrets, kept inside the every being I interpret, by moving it into paintings that symbolizes the echo of human or animal nature and motivation through time. Every line, every wrinkle, fold and crinkle is reflection of their previous experiences, events and life decisions. Every segments tells us a story, and by painting it through the smallest detail I am perceiving it and understanding it. "