Talalelei Va'a


My name is Talalelei Va'a. I have been fascinated with art from a young age. Ever since primary school, I never bothered writing down the notes during my teachers classes. Instead of writing school notes I drew sketches, pictures, anything that my imagination could conjour.
I took a course in Aboriginal art in Alfred Deakin High school as a teenager, A.C.T, New South Wales, Australia. I got a lot of good feedback for my art and my own art teacher bought my very first painting.
I have recently been intrigued by Pacific art and designs from all over the Pacific and it is hard to love one type of art form. My dream is to fuse art forms with each other and create a special genre of art called FUSION ART which incorporates various brush strokes, techniques and different art styles to create beautiful masterpieces.
My greatest passions are Aboriginal and Pacific art designs - fused together.