Tak Wah Eng

Tak Wah Eng


Tak Wah Eng moved to New York City as a teenager in the early 1960s. A well-known and revered Kung Fu master for almost 50 years, he is also a highly skilled artist.

With the encouragement of his high school art teacher, Eng honed his drawing and painting techniques. He worked as a graphic artist but had already dedicated himself to training and teaching in the martial arts from a very young age. These two mediums became his own personal expression. These are his two passions that go hand in hand, hard and soft; one lives within the other and vice versa.

The 1970s and ’80s were a time of gang violence and crime in Chinatown. As a young man, Eng could have easily been lured into this lifestyle, but he credits his dedication to art and his Kung Fu practice for helping him get through difficult times and keeping him focused on the right path.

It would be easy to imagine that Eng’s artistic style might mirror classical Chinese painting or brushwork. And yet he has developed a style that is closer to Abstract Expressionism. Eng reveals his authenticity in his large-scale works, and paints in a rather unorthodox manner. He begins with sweeping, dynamic gestures, layering wide swathes of color, then adding a line or drip of paint that pulls everything together. Every inch of the painting is charged with energy, with a whirlwind of movement that seems to explode off the canvas, while also creating deep layers that pull the viewer in. His work is spontaneous—action painting at its best, giving the viewer a look into his mind and his soul. Eng creates not just a painting, but an event. His art is spirit and idea in motion, whether in the Kung Fu form or in the painting.

He is a martial artist, a daoist master and a free spirit. Own one of his works to own a piece of Chinatown made in his Chinatown studio in New York City. His artworks will transform your spirit and home. As you hold his stones or examine his paintings, you will learn peace and quiet; the master will transfer his calm and confident spirit to you. Every piece of artwork is priceless and contains within a blessing from the master.

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