Taiyo Tono

Taiyo Tono


Born 1986 in Osaka, Japan Lives and works in Osaka.
TaiyoTono makes some models. And, compose them and develop it into paintings. TaiyoTono studied architecture in Kyoto Seika University. After that, she studied paintings by herself. And She is showing works with a space as a motif. Works of Taiyo is paintings, but space invisible in the screen spreads. Those shapes and colors strongly attract people's eyes. In that virtual space, another reality different from the real world is created by the process of model making. These are trapped in the screen.

Solo Exhibition
2016 Imitation Galaxy, Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka
2015 e.g.g.o0048 TaiyoTono Sticking space, Taigado, Kyoto 2014 Passion!, SoHo Art Gallery, Osaka

Group Exhibition
2017 Next Art, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
2015 TRANSNATIONAL ART 2015, Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka