Swedish Attitude Design

Swedish Attitude Design


My name is Carina and im very newbie in creating designs. I Love the sense of community and what is very educational about being an artist.

* I Create my own designs and my work tool is in Photoshop, Picasa, phototastic, and little bit in Fotor. I can use various methods and techniques to achieve desired results.

* I create mostly Graphic Designs, but i also playing around little bit more with 3d, Illustrated, geometric images m.m. I also Love to create Luxury And Elegant Golden designs where customer can set it on a Throw Pillow & Blanket Home Set

Im very proud to make my own Designs and with different products with awsome partners like Zazzle-Artsadd- ShopVIDA-Redbubble and probably it will get more of them in the future..

If you find a picture or a design that you like but will have some changes on it please contact me on https://www.facebook.com/swedishattitude/

Lots Of Love
Swedish Attitude Design

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