s-wang paint

s-wang paint


Self-taught painter, I have been drawing since childhood. I used to fed myself especially by reading
vintage comics (Rahan etc ..)

After a freelance graphic designer work, I felt free to create my own graphical style.
Using digital tools at first, I’m using acrylic nowaday.
My approach is to "free my imagination". An inner journey in search of
sincerity and spontaneity.
Release all control and let me be surprised by the material that appears. Curves
penciled in acrylic mix, characters appear at the end of inspiration.
I have produced 3 different series:
- The eye squared : in the style of a comic on canvas, mutineers female characters open an eye over the world and observe it.
- Ugly complexes : Couples mingle, intermingle, and get tangled in their relationship.
- Fusion of « her »: Let the emotions of the moment take shape. The ink flows freely then feed my creativity to compose .
My sources of inspiration are science, heroic fantasy, manga,
I ‘m exhibiting my work in France since 2005 invited by people I’ve encountered along my art adventure. I have a predilection for outdoor painting exhibitions and festivals.

the eye squared

Fusion of them