Swanson Studio

Swanson Studio


Swanson Studio is the ceramics studio of Gary Swanson, located in Watertown, MN.

I find it exciting and satisfying to be able to create unique tile “pictures”. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, its landscapes and by the interaction man has made with it.

My subject matter originates from my memory, imagination, and sometimes found pictures. I also use real landscapes and scenes to begin the design. I personally perform all the creative aspects involved in the work without the use of any apprentices or assistants.

My tile work is earthenware tile created through several steps: A clay slab is rolled to thickness, the design drawing is transferred to the clay and each piece of tile is cut from the slab and trimmed. The tiles are bisque fired, then glazed and fired again.board. I also produce tiles pressed from hand made molds.