Welcome most honourable Visitors,
I am Swagnik Hati, a medical student and have various creative and imaginative ideas to innovate art to next levels.

I mainly focus on sketches, modern arts and abstracts, but rarely do work on portraits, architecture, landscapes.
Just recently I have started working on digital paintings.

Basically I define art as an expression, a form which one can feel but not many are successful in projecting it. To project it you need to understand the physical aspect of the art first, then comes the colours which portray imaginative aspects and finally the finishing touch which is of less importance but a great important area for the perfection since detailings are the most appreciable features in any kind of painting. So I mainly follow these techniques to do any kind of painting. Maybe there are other explanations but I use these aspects to create my art.

As a medical student, I can say that the cerebral cortex which deals with the various artistic skills differs from artist to non artists but the neurons are still the same. It is only a matter of interneuronal connections that is well designed for an artist. But as I say every neuron has the ability to undergo neuroplasticity i.e. change in their manner of circuital connections depending upon the external stimuli. So, I keep this in mind and try to see patterns of art in my day to day surroundings as stimuli.
Example: A mountain or cloud resembles sometimes a face to me, sometimes the way in which the water flows fascinates me and resembles a scenery, sometimes small portions of the house reminds me the various architectural marvels which could be put in paintings.
In one way, try to find homology in whatever thing you see, hear and speak. That is the key.

I chose these values so that I can fulfill my desire to capture the marvels of our world. As I said earlier;
interests, innovations, imaginations and creativity are the only forces that drive the progress of human civilization generations after generations. So, don't fear to be different, it is the different peoples only who creates the differences. Every person is an artist provided if he has the courage to pursue his uniqueness.

As this is my first time I am trying to sell online, so please forgive me if anything goes wrong within. I will try my best.

I believe there is a beginning to everything and strongly think that behind every human there is a artistic mind but not everyone has the courage to project their imagination to the paper.
I see art in everything and I believe that it is more than paper and colours. To an artist, the world is a canvas, imaginations as brush and skills as paint.

I sincerely thank Artpal and all the peoples who are working under for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my works through them and meet visitors like you to admire my works. I hope you will like my artworks and please feel extremely free to comment.

I also thank all the creators and artists of this platform as it gives me an immense pleasure to see some people working to innovate, to change the way of thinking and understanding art. My greatest source of inspiration is always from you guys. Thanks a lot.😊

Your comments will be highly appreciated and it also gives me a fair chance to rectify myself because nobody is perfect but moving towards perfection is also an art.

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