Planet Red Productions

Planet Red Productions

Brad Vance is a practicing geologist with undergraduate degrees in English Literature and geology, and advanced degrees in structural geology. His research utilizes advanced techniques in petrographic analysis of rocks and minerals. By directing plain light through a series of carefully selected polarizing filters, and quartz and gypsum lenses, he is able to tightly constrain the wavelengths that pass through sections of rock (approximately one-millionth of a meter thin) that he collected from locations throughout the world. Without the interference of plain light, the brilliant character of the interlocking minerals and their microstructures emerge as a function of each mineral's crystal lattice structure. This is the science of petrography.

These images are not enhanced. What you see are photographs from Mr. Vance's petrographic microscope, carefully selected not only for their scientific significance, but for their aesthetic qualities as well. From the Catalina Mountains of Arizona to the kimberlite diamond pipes of South Africa, no confluence of science and beauty could be more starkly exhibited than in the microscopic investigation of the ground upon which we all walk.



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