Svitozar Nenyuk

Svitozar was born in the Carpathian Mountains in 1962 to the family of Taras Nenyuk, an underground artist. Soon after his birth, instead of a toy his father gave him a brush. He began painting and has continued doing art ever since.
When he was eleven, he enrolled at the Kyiv Republican Art School.
There he studied for seven years from 1973 to1980.
After that he studied briefly at the Odessa Art School in 1980- 1981.
Then he moved to Lithuania.
He went to Vilnius in 1981 and was shortly admitted to the State Lithuanian Art Academy as a student. He studied in Academy for six years.
In 1987 Svitozar was graduated from the Painting Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
In 1987- 89 he worked as an art teacher in Jasiunai High School (Lithuania).
1989- 1991 free lance artist in Lithuania and Ukraine. During that time Svitozar wrote icons for many Orthodox, Greek-Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches.
In 1991 he emigrated to the United States and landed in Lincoln, Nebraska.
In Nebraska he was elected an honorary member of Lincoln Artistic Guild.
He eventually moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1994.
Svitozar had great affection for Rockford and became a naturalized American citizen while living there.
Now Svitozar Nenyuk lives and works in Virginia.