Helen Sviderskis

Helen Sviderskis


Welcome to the Gallery.
It featured my original oil paintings. The artworks you see here in the store are landscapes, florals, cities, and seascapes rendered in the studio and minor studies and sketches painted en plein air. My life mainly influenced these works in the USA and European travel. An exciting scene that impressed and inspired me was created with great patience and love.

A little about me:
I live in Miami, Florida. I received my art education at the Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts and in private workshops of art professors. In addition to my career as a painter, I was a fine art conservator and an iconographer. I studied painting methods by copying remarkable ancient frescoes, old religious icons, and paintings. I continued my art education by participating in the National Portrait Society seminars and attending lectures in a Master Class in the League of Art Students in New York.
I participated in many art exhibitions in Europe and the USA and am a member of the American Impressionists Society (AIS), Oil Painters of America (OPA), and American Women Artists (AWA)
Artist Statement
Today I get the most inspiration from nature - landscapes and beach scenes observed in Florida, where I live now, and earlier in New York and Pennsylvania. I have traveled to the USA and Europe for most of the past 20 years. Without parting with the camera and taking many pictures, I use them to reference my future paintings. An exciting scene that impressed me and inspired me to create an artwork remains in my memory for a long time. My favorite subjects are seascapes, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, reflections on the water, the swaying of leaves in the wind, the observations of rays, clouds, etc. I admire a lot of nature and urban architecture. If given the opportunity, I always try to make sketches in pencil and small oils, which I also use later in the creative process of a larger painting.

The Certificate of Authenticity:
(COA) with descriptions and my signature provided upon purchase. All works are copyrighted, and the artist reserves all rights. The sale of the artwork does not transfer copyrights.

Quote from the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Volume 13 (page 133) magazine published by World Wide Art Books, 2019:
'Knowledge gained in classical painting methods allowed Helen Sviderskis to evolve a technique that enriches her artwork and presents the subject in an aura of light, vibrant color, and freshness.
Her commendable skill, talent, and ability to bring to life each work made her paintings very desirable and are in private and official collections worldwide.'

Many thanks to all patrons and art lovers who invest in my art and visit this gallery.

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