Svarer Deign

Svarer Deign

Inspired by her upbringing in Denmark, Charlotte Valentin uses the landscapes' natural environment and the unique Scandinavian light as inspiration and starting point of her work.

Combined with the minimalist style the Northern Europeans are known for, she manages to take the audience to a quiet place where time stands still and the imagination takes over.

“It all started when I worked as interior designer and I often had a hard time finding the wall piece to fulfil the project. Then I started experimenting and created the pieces myself to make sure my clients would feel the atmosphere I intended to create”

Charlotte also uses natural elements in her art, which creates an interesting multilayer expression, and lately a storytelling element has been added.

Her newest series is inspired by the fairytales by H.C Andersen, and as she expresses it herself:

“There are so many good stories to be told.
I want my audience to make their own imaginary universe and find value there”