SonSource Arts

SonSource Arts

I began my life as an art teacher and later as a graphic designer working on posters, logos, catalogs and later-package design. When my children asked me to take a table at their elementary school fundraiser I became a jewelry maker, creating earrings from puzzle pieces. “Recyclewear” I called it and never looked back.

With no formal jewelry design in my background I have relied on my creativity to design from materials at hand, developing styles unique to me. Color, shape and texture are important elements of my work and you will often find notes of whimsy in how I put things together.

I work with beads, wire, fused glass And recycled (upcycled) pieces to create statement necklaces, unusual styled lariats and eyeglass chains with clips. All stringing is done on very strong, pliable Braided steel thread that will withstand a lot of weight.

In the rare event that a crimp bead opens, I will repair free of charge for up to a year. By then I hope you’ll have worn it enough times! (International sales must pay shipping costs) If a piece needs to be restrung please contact me. Due to how I create, I may not have exact beads to replace ones that may have been lost But will find something similar if needed. Fused glass pieces cant be duplicated!


Dainty and Different Necklaces

Clip Eyeglass chains

‘The Bold Ones’ Necklace Collection