Sue and Frank's Art Gallery

Sue and Frank's Art Gallery

Hi, I'm Sue. I always wanted to be an artist, but, well, how feasible was that, really? I grew up in a time where you weren't told to "follow your dreams", but you were told to find a dependable career and take care of your family. So that's what I did. I never went to art school. I became a secretary. I married Frank, my high school sweetheart, and we made a good life for our family. But dreams don't just die... and after the kids got a little older I got my paints back out and started painting for fun.

Frank is not an artsy guy... he's more of a technical kind of guy. But he is very "hands on", and he is great at building things and fixing things, and he's not afraid to try something new. Even if he felt pretty certain he was going to suck at it. So on a Friday or Saturday night when we were sitting at home, he turned on some music, grabbed a couple of beers, and painted with me. And it turns out he's great at painting. (He objects whenever I say that, but you know it's true. He's got a very unique style, and he does some really good work.) I am in awe of how good he is, and I'm learning a lot from him, even though he had even less art classes than I did!

We were having so much fun painting that when my teenagers and their friends were at home, they started joining me at our big dining room table. I go through a lot of paints like that! So this whole art thing has been a really fun activity for our whole family, but it isn't cheap. Plus, we have all of these cool paintings, and no where to put them. So the idea of selling them came out of that.

And the most exciting thing of all, is that I'm really making my dream come true! I grew up to become an artist!

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