Susan Minot

Susan Minot

I am a writer (of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, film) and have been painting and making collages and scratched photos for about fifty years.
I use material I come across in everyday life--mostly newspapers and magazines, I also collect postcards, discarded family snapshots and my own photographs of roads, movies I'm watching, landscapes. So many images sitting around-- I thought I might do something with them, scratch them up, glue on them. Somehow there is worship involved.
I like to put together images which wouldn't normally find each other.
So many images get thrown away everyday; it bothers me when they contain things--news, effort, bravery-- which have touched me.
I think of the collages as tributes to people and places I love, to beauty, or as expressions of outrage at the horrible things which are happening or have happened in the world.

My watercolors are done mostly when I travel and I simply paint what is in front of me. It is a way of meditating.

A percentage of all sales from this site will go to The Sentencing Project which works against the overwhelming injustice of mass incarceration and racial disparity.