I taught Art for many years, the basic craft of accurate depiction, my own work being realistic portraits and incredibly detailed still-life subjects.
As my students developed their skills, we started to look at other work which we enjoyed, the consensus being that Monet was the one who always astonished us, and how on earth did he do what he did?
So we set out to experiment with Impressionism, looking deeper into the subjects and building up layers so that we were painting fleeting light rather than static objects.
It helped that my studio was situated alongside a river overgrown with mature trees, so we had live examples as well as a fairly comprehensive selection of old photographs to work from.
It was great fun. The basic disciplines of accurate observation plus a new freedom in the handling of the paint. We used Acrylics, instant drying and easy to move around: at the end, each of us had an Impressionist Riverscape or two to decorate dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms.....seriously impressed our guests! usual, got completely obsessed, and it was lucky for me I sold a few because the studio ran out of space. Now I'm selling the ones I kept back because now I have the urge to paint some more.