Susan Brown Fine Art

Susan Brown Fine Art

Painting and drawing have always been part of my life since I can remember. My current work is inspired by Diebenkorn, Matisse, and the late Monet paintings. My work relies on color, form and pattern, in that order. I am best described as a colorist who blends reality and imagination.

I work in acrylic, oil and watercolor. I especially enjoy painting in acrylics for the boldness of the palette options and ability to add texture to my paintings, however, the flow of watercolor offers freedom and “happy surprises” which add to the immediacy of my paintings. Oil gives me the ability to add depth and fluency, as well as a range of color and texture effects.

Before beginning, I think about a painting for days or even weeks. I make preliminary sketches and color studies. I follow my final sketches, use colors per my studies, and then an underpainting in a bold palette which adds to the glow of each painting. My process involves multiple layers, using brushes, as well as palette knives and other tools, and responding to what appears on each surface as a painting evolves; making on the spot additions of color, light, shadow and negative space.

I have found in my street scenes and similar "location" series of paintings a love of solving the geometry and ability to create a sense of place. The emotional attachment to home and familiar places is very important to me.

My aim is to evoke in the viewer the sense of joy and discovery I experience as I create and present paintings.My paintings include CA street scenes, figures, and florals.

You can view more of my art on,, and in July and August, 2020, my paintings can be seen on the virtual international exhibition Associazione Culturale “Sei l’Arte”