Susan Anne Woolley

Susan Anne Woolley

For some years, I've been mainly working in digital and photographic art, and only occasionally painting. However, since the Covid-19 lockdown started, I've been working more seriously at painting. My preferred media are pastels, pencils and wax crayons. I'm also thinking I should start experimenting with gouache and watercolour again.
I've had no formal art training, apart from GCE O Level in Art - a very long time ago! I also received basic lessons in childhood from my father.
I taught myself to do digital art, by reading the Help menus and experimenting, with a lot of trial and error - a lot of trial and error!
I learnt the basics of photography, when a child, from my mother, a keen amateur photographer. I can still remember my very first camera, which my mother bought for me - a Kodak Instamatic. Had a lot of fun with that! Today I use a Fuji digital compact. Not particularly grand, I know, but I'm not able to carry around more sophisticated camera equipment. Besides, my compact fits nicely into my handbag and I can whip it out, whenever I see anything interesting!
My range of subjects is as eclectic as my interests: natural world, architecture, history, coastal life, abstracts, landscapes, and more.
My taste in fine art is also very eclectic and includes the Impressionists, Nabis (in particular Pierre Bonnard), Marc Chagall, Van Gogh, JMW Turner, Bridget Riley, Barbara Hepworth, Glasgow School, Art Nouveau, Art Deco ... And so the list goes on!
I'm an evangelical Christian, so my beliefs form the foundation for my work, even when there is no religious content or context.

Exhibition History (all UK):
2018 - Open Art at Lovely's, Cliftonville, Kent
2015 - Open at Viking Gallery Cliftonville, Kent
2015 - Open at St John’s Church, Margate
2014 - Open at St John’s Church, Margate
2014 - Summer Open at York Street Gallery, Ramsgate
2011 - "Asymmetric Synergy" (Solo show), Birchington Library Gallery
2011 - SeaART (Open), Thanet Coast Project, Ramsgate
2011 - Summer Open at Harbour Arm Gallery, Margate
2010 - SeaART (Open), Thanet Coast Project, Belgian Café, Ramsgate
2009 - "In Response", Alturnertive Group, Margate Harbour Arm Gallery


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